Bule [bukan Bulek] Juga Manusia

Berikut percakapan saya dengan seorang bule yang mau jadi penerjemah. Sangat menggelitik dan semoga bermanfaat. πŸ˜€
xxx: hey man

xxx: how u diong?

Ahnan: fine

xxx: i saw you on translators cafe
that you’re freelancer

Ahnan: yes

xxx: do you mind if i ask you a question

xxx: please

xxx: i’m very interested in being one

Ahnan: be like me then πŸ˜€

xxx: hehehehe ok
I just finished my translator degree and I’m very interested in make a living as a english>spanish freelance translator from fields like travel, computer engineering and graphic design.

Ahnan: ha
Spanish is one most people are looking for

xxx: I can begin giving some business cards on my country, but since most business are interested in translate from spanish to english

Ahnan: That’s great idea!

xxx: i want to the same but in internet

Ahnan: yes

xxx: i know i can get more clients online from english to spanish than from spanish to english

Ahnan: My clients are 100% coming from the internet

xxx: i mean, do you know a way or something to get know?
i’m doing this webpage on facebook, but of course i have to market after that

Ahnan: the only way is to promote ourselves online
and Proz.com
be a paid member
It’s around USD125 a year

xxx: I was thinking about that

Ahnan: do not think

xxx: but first i need a job to have some money πŸ™‚

Ahnan: πŸ˜€
I see

xxx: ahhh, know you know hehehe

Ahnan: πŸ˜€

xxx: but what after I pay the membership on those sites?
how you do, for instance?

Ahnan: Your money will be back in short time
It’s real!
I do not promote any of those as I am not their part
I can buy home
make an office
from being a translator
I got most translation jobs from those

xxx: but, even if i’m a paid member, do i still have to compete with other members to get those jobs?
that’s my worry 😦

Ahnan: of course yes πŸ˜€
If you have quality
no worry!
I think you are better than I am

xxx: well, i have to improve my quality,

Ahnan: I have no specific degree in translation

xxx: thanks for the info
i just need a good job to make that faith of leap

Ahnan: being a translator is the answer!
trust me
I was an English teacher
and I quit

xxx: i assume you quit after you got your good reservoir of clients

Ahnan: no
not at all
I was not establised as I am now
even..I am jobless
and started everything from zero
the answer is
being a translator
my friend told me
he earned around USD5000 a month
I didnt believe at the first time
now I believe πŸ˜€

xxx: wow
that depends on the translation jobs

Ahnan: trust me
the key is
good communication

xxx: and if i pay that amount of money, can i get clients from the fields i mentioned?

Ahnan: and the quality afterward

xxx: cause i would be very pasionate if i work those areas i’m interested about πŸ™‚

Ahnan: you must specify your most one

xxx: good πŸ™‚

Ahnan: clients do not like one too general

xxx: general sucks

Ahnan: πŸ˜€
You should specify your specialties
If yo can’t be a paid member now
register first
make your profile as best as possible
I suggest Proz.com
and Translatorscafe.com
If you have money for being paid member,
Simple, right?

xxx: proz makes me dizzy sometimes hehehe

Ahnan: yes
I was

xxx: maybe because i’m ussed to translatorscafe

Ahnan: You should try Proz as well
confusion is the key to success
Which name do you use for Translatorscafe

xxx: http://xxx.translatorscafe.com/ [tautan saya hapus]

Ahnan: Can I suggest something?
My specializations are computer science, travel & tourism, internet, technology & music.
make them stronger
e.g. >Computer science
>Travel & Tourism

xxx: i haven’t update my profile since january
I was gonna do it now πŸ™‚

Ahnan: no need to use sentence
You can copy mine
If you do not mind πŸ˜€

xxx: sentence how?

Ahnan: specialization

xxx: let me chheck

Ahnan: just mention your area of expertis
just copy mine πŸ˜€
It was updated a day ago

xxx: and another question: when paytime comes, how clients do this: via paypal or mail?

Ahnan: Paypal
Western Union
Bank Transfer
It depends on
right after the invoice issuance until 45 days after the invoice issuance

xxx: i see

Ahnan: You should have them πŸ˜€

xxx: i have to imbued in all this
my friend, it was a pleasure, gotta go πŸ™‚

Ahnan: ok
Have a great Tuesday!

xxx: you too πŸ˜‰
talk to you soon

Ahnan: πŸ™‚


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